Sabelotodo Ancestral Minero Largo Agave Spirit 750ml

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The agaves are cooked in 12-14 foot conical earthen pits for 2-4 days with Eucalyptus and Guahulchile wood (water is added 1 hour into the process to smooth the smokey flavor and complement the velvet like texture). The cooked agaves are then laid out and dry fermented for 10-14 days, until mold begins to develop, after which time they are broken down by machetes, rehydrated and then crushed by hand using wooden mallets or “mazos”. After they are crushed they undergo a second two-part fermentation in open air Sabino oak barrels; first the crushed agaves are fermented as is for 4-5 days, then water is added and they are fermented for an additional 10 days. The juice is then distilled twice in traditional Filipino clay pots and proofed to taste using heads & tails. This particular batch has seen a 3 year rest period.

ABV 49.3%

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