Letherbee Autumnal Gin Fall Winter 2022 750mL

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We chose lightly toasted puncheons made with oak specifically from the forests of Jura and Allier in France, which are known for their distinct flavor profiles. In Allier, oaks grow in poor, heavy soil, producing tight-grained wood famous for its warm spiciness. Jura’s mountainous terrain and intense winter weather give its oak trees a distinct boreal character, with notes like pine nuts and herbs.

After a year in these magnificent casks, this gin developed a nose evoking pine forests threaded with smoke and enriched with the warm aromas of allspice and toasted almonds. Flavors like hazelnut, caramel, green coffee beans, and cut grass make us imagine our Original Label Gin pulled on a cozy autumn sweater and headed out for a misty hike in the hills.

ABV 48%

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Letherbee’s Autumnal Gin 2022 explores the nuances of oak terroir and the remarkable impact of barrel size on spirits. For one year, we rested our gin in two different French oak puncheons (pun′chən) made by Tonnellerie Damy, one of the great Burgundian cooperages. Tonnellerie Damy isCTB certified – a French certification for traditional barrels made with the best materials from traceable sources – and one of the few cooperages in France able to make barrels with oak from specific forests. It’s also PEFC certified to ensure France’s oak forests remain a resource for generations to come.

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