High West Bourye Whiskey Batch 2018 18J23 750ml

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Bourye is a blend of bourbon and rye whiskies, usually sourced from MGP. This is the 2018 release.

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Bourye is a combination of “Bou” for bourbon and “rye” for..well, rye whiskey. Because combining bourbon and rye is a bit unusual, we couldn’t help thinking of the jackalope. Honestly, we didn’t think anyone would like the name!

Backlabel Story: 
The jackalope, also called an antelabbit, is an antlered species of

rabbit, a cross between a jack rabbit and an antelope. It is rumored
that pockets of jackalope populations continue to persist in the
American West, its native home. In the old West, when cowboys would
gather by their campfires to sing at night, jackalopes would frequently
be heard singing back, mimicking the voices of the cowboys. When
chased, the jackalope will use its vocal abilities to elude capture.
For instance, when chased by people it will call out phrases such
as, “There he goes, over there,” in order to throw pursuers off its
track. Legend suggests the best way to catch a jackalope is to lure it
with whiskey, as they have a particular fondness for this drink. Once
intoxicated, the animal becomes slower and easier to hunt (believe it
or not, all this mythology is true, we didn’t make any of this up). That’s
why High West created Bourye®, our proprietary blend of mature
Bourbon and Rye, both favorites of real cowboys and sure to attract
even the most finicky of jackalopes.
All whiskeys in this carefully crafted blend are a minimum of 10
years old and sourced from multiple distilleries. See highwest.com
for technical details and sourcing, that’s not a secret. However, the
proportions are! Bourye® is best enjoyed around a campfire while
looking at the Milky Way. Important! Jackalopes will attack if cornered
or provoked. To avoid injury, quickly fall to the ground, remain calm
and still, while humming the Roy Rogers song, “Happy Trails to You”
(we did make this up!).

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Technical Details

Ratio of component whiskeys: top secret!
Filtration: not chill-filtered, or carbon treated.

TTB Destination

Class & Type: A Blend of Straight Whiskies
Blend: A blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskeys aged a minimum of 10 years


2018 Batch (New Label – year two):
All sourced from: MGP, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
14yo – 95% rye, 5% barley malt
13yo – 95% rye, 5% barley malt
12yo – 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley malt
11yo – 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley malt
11yo – 60% corn, 36% rye, 4% barley malt

2017 Batch (New Label – year one):
• A blend of straight Bourbon and Rye whiskeys aged from 10 to 14 years.
• Straight Rye Whiskey: 95% rye, 5% barley malt from MGP & 53% rye, 37% corn, 10% barley malt from MGP
• Straight Bourbon Whiskey: 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley malt from MGP

2016 Batch (Old Label Format with "Limited Release" Printed in Red) :
• 9-year-old straight bourbon (mash bill: 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley malt) Source: MGP/LDI/Seagrams, Indiana
• 13-year-old straight rye whiskey (mash bill: 95% rye, 5% barley malt) Source: MGP/LDI/Seagrams, Indiana
• 17-year-old straight rye whiskey (mash bill: 95% rye, 5% barley malt) Source: MGP/LDI/Seagrams, Indiana

Barrel Type

Whiskeys aged in new, charred white American oak barrels

Sensory Notes

Nose: English toffee, spiced orange crème anglaise, roasted walnuts, sweet basil, rooibos tea
Taste: Sweet honey nougat, rich caramel, dark ginger cake, mulling spices, dried cherries
Finish: Long & rich, roasted pecan, molasses, leather


92 Points/100 – Whisky Advocate 2017
96 Points/100 – Wine Enthusiast 2017
Best Craft American Whiskey – 2010 American Distilling Institute Craft Whiskey Competition
Best Blended Whiskey- 2010 American Distilling Institute Craft Whiskey Competition
90 Points- Whisky Advocate Magazine
90 Points- American Craft Spirits – americancraftspirits.com

John Hansell, Malt Advocate Magazine – "It's clean, crisp and quite vibrant (especially on the nose). The rye note is evident throughout. It starts out more like a high rye content bourbon, with the molasses, caramel, coconut cream, sweet corn and honey-kissed fruit marrying nicely with the dried spice (vanilla, cinnamon, brisk mint). But then on the latter half of the palate, the rye really kicks in. The whiskey gets bold, the rye becomes intense (almost piercing), with a dried spice finish.


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