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Ginza No Suzume Black Label Shochu 750ml

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This shochu is distinct in that is uses black koji, which is much stronger and earthier than the more common white koji. Earthy, full & robust.

Raw Material: Barley /Alcohol: 24% /Distillation: Single

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Shochu is a distilled spirit native to Japan since the 15th century. It originated on the southern island of Kyushu, which remains its heart, but is now produced all over Japan. Shochu can be distilled from many different ingredients, but barley, rice and sweet potato are the most common. Shochu is unique from other categories of distilled spirits because it begins with a grain inoculated with koji-kin, similar to sake production. The koji is then fermented in the same way a sake starter is created, following which the mash is distilled, filtered, stored and bottled. Until the 1970s, shochu was only consumed in southern Japan, but its appeal began to travel and resulted in a national boom. In 2003, domestic shochu sales surpassed sake and have never looked back.

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The Distillery

Yatsushika brewery was founded in 1864 by Toukou Aso (first generation), and was
strictly a sake producer for 200 years. As the popularity for sake waned, Yatsushika
expanded into shochu production. Deep in the scenic Kuju Mountain Range of Oita
prefecture lies Yatsushika brewery. Commonly known as the ‘roof of Kyushu,’ this area
is the leading producer of barley shochu in Japan. Nestled in the bosom of nature, the
secret of Yatsushika’s flavor is twofold: the clear, fresh water delivered to the brewery
by a 250 meter well tapping into a natural underwater spring, and the winter climate
perfect for cold brew with temperature reaching 14 degrees F.

Food Pairing

Pair with powerful foods, such as rich dashi broth,
miso glazed salmon, and hearty stir-fry.


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