Four Roses Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon OBSF “Barrel 22-1T” 51.5% ABV 750ML

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Like the Q yeast strain, the F strain has historically been considered a “top note” recipe found exclusively in Four Roses Bourbon, where it adds complexity with its minty and herbal character. However, in recent years the F strain has been used in Limited Editions at higher percentages to more strongly influence the final character of those blends. It has such a notable flavor that it can contribute a lot, even at low ratios.

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Welcome to the fifth edition of our monthly recipe features. This installment is pretty special because it marks the halfway point of our 10-recipe journey; it also highlights the fifth and final Bourbon recipe created from our rye-forward “B” mashbill.

As you probably know by now, Four Roses combines two different mashbills with five proprietary yeast strains to create 10 distinct Bourbon recipes. We then use these recipes – together or on their own – to achieve an infinite range of flavor profiles to please Bourbon lovers like you.

Last month, we discussed the rye and floral charms of OBSQ. This time around, we’re going to explore the delicate rye and minty character of its close cousin, OBSF.

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1 review for Four Roses Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon OBSF “Barrel 22-1T” 51.5% ABV 750ML

  1. tim_1522

    This is not a 750ml bottle, at least according to the image. It’s apparently another example of shrinkflation / kautowing to the “700 ml standard”

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