Florez Wines “Monsieur Mysterieux” 2022 750mL

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A rare variety that has found refuge over a hundred years ago in one of our local growing regions, San Benito County. The locals call it Cabernet Pfeffer. It is suspected that the budwood was imported from France in the late 1800s. A local German nurseryman named William Pfeffer may have inspired the name, although the history is not well known. The variety is distinguished by a white pepper flavor profile, which may provide another clue to the origin of the name since Pfeffer means pepper in German. It was proposed that the variety may have been a cross between Cab Sauvignon and Trousseau. Early genetic testing pointed towards an old Bourdeaux variety Gros Verdot, and recent definitive genetic testing now points toward Mourteau. Personally, I have little trust in the proposed history and prefer the local name “Cab Pfeffer”. Due to the confused and unauthenticated history of this variety, I named the wine ‘Monsieur Mystérieux’, ‘Mister Mysterious’. I am excited to work with these grapes and adopt this oddly Californian variety.”

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Cabernet Pfeffer makes light, perfumed, peppery reds. Aromas of chopped strawberry, white pepper. Pale in color with notable tannins and acid. I don’t want to go too far, but this pale style of red plays in the territory of Pinot d’Aunis, Ploussard, and/or Trousseau,” James says.

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The Enz Vineyard where the grapes come from is a unique place. Quails and turkeys were springing from the vineyard when I visited and the soils are obviously mineral, composed of decomposed granite and limestone. Limestone is rare in California, and this is one of the few regions that have it; there is a lime quarry just up the road. This is close to where Josh Jensen founded Calera with the obsession of planting Pinot and Chard on true limestone.


The fruit was destemmed and allowed to ferment with native yeasts. Pumpovers and punchdowns were used to maintain the ferment happy and the wine was pressed at dryness after about 2 weeks. It was then rested in neutral French oak for ~10 months, racked once, and bottled. Unfined, unfiltered, no additives including no added sulfites.


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