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Espirito Cachaca XVI 750ml

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When it comes to crafting a beautiful cachaça, purity and simplicity are hallmarks for which there are no substitutes. It is this fundamental principle that guides every stage of our distillation process as we transform hand harvested sugarcane into Espirito XVI Cachaça.        

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Harvested by Hand

SUGARCANE is the heart and soul of any cachaça. As such, the quality of the cane and the manner in which it is harvested often means the difference between a beautiful cachaça and a mediocre one.

HARVESTED BY HAND and grown locally, painstaking effort is made to ensure that the sugarcane used to craft Espirito XVI Cachaça remains pure and untouched by soil. This is in stark contrast to many other cachaças which, in an effort to maximize production at the expense of quality, mechanically harvest their cane from fields that have been set ablaze in order eliminate wildlife that may interfere with their ability to quickly collect as much as possible.

FRESHLY PRESSED reeds of cane yield a sweet nectar which is then collected and quickly introduced to the fermentation process. Reducing the amount be time between harvest and distillation means that Espirito XVI Cachaça does not have to pasteurize its cane juice, a process that significantly compromises its integrity and diminishes its natural complexity

Pure Spring Water

PRIVATE MOUNTAIN SPRINGS located on the distillery’s rainforest estate provide Espirito XVI Cachaça with an abundant source of crisp, clean water.

NATURALLY FILTERED AND DEMINERALIZED, these exclusive springs give rare access to water that is unparalleled in its purity and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

PERMANENT NATURE PRESERVE is the distinction given to the site of the springs, which are nestled high in the distillery’s mountainside farmland at an altitude of 1,200 meters, ensuring that the water’s purity will be maintained for generations to come.

Small Batch Distillation

DOUBLE DISTILLED IN SMALL BATCHES, Espirito XVI Cachaça is handcrafted using custom alembique copper pot stills from Europe. While expensive and difficult to maintain, copper is exceptionally good at conducting heat and removing sulfur compounds which means it has no equal when it comes to producing high-quality premium spirits.

THE SMOOTHEST, MOST FLAVORFUL portion of the distillate -known as the heart- is all that is extracted for bottling. In order to achieve this difficult task, tremendous care is taken to isolate the heart at precisely the right moment.

CAREFULLY RESTED in stainless steel casks for six months, Espirito XVI Cachaça is then cooled to 0° Celsius and introduced to to a double charcoal filtration process that refines this beautiful spirit even further.


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