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COA de Jima Tequila Reposado 750ml

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Coa Tequila is carefully grown in the rich, red clay and expertly harvested in the Los Altos region of Mexico. Los Altos Weber Blue Agaves are famous for being larger in size and sweeter in aroma and taste.

There are more than 300 million Weber Blue Agave plants skillfully harvested for tequila every year by Mexico’s agave farmers, or jimadors. However, there could be no tequila without the Coa de Jima. The Coa is an ancient tool used to chop off the leaves of the agave for the core, or pina, to be made into Tequila. It is a simple tool, like a machete, whose efficiency has withstood the test of time. No machine can do what the Coa does; allowing the Agave plant to be turned into Tequila, one of the only handcrafted spirits left on the market today.

The spirit of Mexican culture and history has been harvested for you to enjoy, in Coa Tequilas. Only available in 100% Weber Blue Agave varieties, to please every palate.

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COA Jalapeño Margarita

Pour Kosher salt on a small plate. Run a wedge of line around the top of your glass. Dip the top of your glass rim into the salt and roll it from side to side to coat the rim. Add ice to your glass. Set aside. Combine all ingredients into a shaker or small pitcher. Shake or mix vigorously. Pour evenly into your glass and garnish with a slice of lime.


COA Reposado Tequila: 2 ozs.

Fresh Lime Juice: 

Orange Liqueur: 1 oz.

Agave Nectar: 1 tbsp.

Jalapeño Pepper



Crushed Ice

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Agave Type: Weber Blue Agave
Cooking Type: Autoclave
Extraction Type: Shredder-Roller
Region: Highlands Lost Altos
Distillation: Double
Distillation Method: Column Still
Barrel Aging: American Oak
State: Jalisco


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