Barker’s Marque ‘The Loop’ Sauvignon Blanc 2022 750ml

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With intense layers of lemon, lime and a chalky biscuit aromatic with creamy citrus blossom, The Loop continues it’s journey toward more secondary characteristics but still with an amazing solid core of dense ripe fruit. And of course, there is that now familiar Blind River smokiness that subtly spreads across this wine, along with an increase in the gentle funkiness first introduced in 2021. As with last year’s wine, the longer the 2022 stays In the glass the more interesting it becomes and the more there is to talk about. An incredibly bright and intense attack that Is full of smokiness and juicy, mouth-watering citrus flavors. Then the wine softens to a rich mid-palate that is complex, being full of pithy lemon curd and a textured creaminess that broadens the wine beautifully. A finish that is juicy, fresh, textured and so very, very long

100% Sauvignon Blanc./ ABV 12.5%

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The evolution continues this year with more of The Loop being fermented in old French oak—around 20% in fact. This is not to impart oak flavor but, rather, to build in complexity and texture via a temperature control regime and micro-oxygenation. This doesn’t make us hands on; in truth, It’s actually more hands off as barrel fermentation Is more natural. We’re simply using a different vessel to impart more interest and continue The Loop’s journey to it’s final style destination.

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The Vineyards

As spring goes, it doesn't really get any better than this growing season. Plenty of rain at the right time to get the vines
up and going and producing magnificent canopies. It was one of, if the best spring for growth that we've seen in our
twenty years in Marlborough and our coastal site meant that, once again, we were untroubled by frost. Heading into
summer, the weather continued to play ball with very solid flowering and post-flowering periods resulting in great
set and bunch architecture. The challenges came later as we headed into the usually calm, stable late summer.
February was, in a word, wet, with us getting six times our monthly average of rain, with further falls in midMarch. The district was getting nervous but at Barker’s Marque we went about our business as normal and
the result was, well, normal. Clean, ripe fruit was delivered to the crush pad.


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