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1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel 2013 750ml

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BATCH #001: 2013

The wine has a deep, rich purple color. An intense raspberry fruit is on the nose, with black pepper spice and a touch of cloves and dried herbs. The palate is full with ripe tannins, big black and red fruits, followed by an array of spices. The wine finishes with a touch of warmth that lingers on and on.

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he mighty buffalo is an iconic symbol of American heritage, a heritage woven with one thousand stories, unique traditions, and a pioneering spirit. Our country’s history of hard work and tenacity lives on today in each of us and continues to be at the essence of America’s character. This is the inspiration for 1,000 Stories, a unique wine aged in bourbon barrels—a reflection of our winemakers’ pioneering spirits. It’s not a quick process, but crafting by hand to meet exacting standards seldom is.

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The Mendocino Zinfandel vineyards are located on the 26 miles of benchland that stretches from The Redwood Valley south to The Sanel Valley, and range in age from 9-45 years old. The grapes come from vineyards such as the Grider, Buckholtz, Mattern, Poor, and Hooper, with family histories dating back to the 1880s. The grapes are trained in a traditional head trained configuration (typical of the very first plantings), with only a single stake holding the vine to a modern vertical trellis system, supporting the vine with a wire.

One of the keys to making great Zinfandel is picking the grapes very ripe, which brings big raspberry and black pepper spice flavors to the forefront. 1,000 Stories grapes are sourced from vineyards separated from the Pacific Coast by the coastal range, providing the ideal climate for that essential ripeness. Each individual lot is made separately and then aged in American and French oak wine barrels before finishing the aging in bourbon barrels.


We are dedicated to incorporating the gentle impact of new Bourbon oak barrels into the Zinfandel wine, with its charred vanilla and dried herbs flavors. The new bourbon barrels from Independent Stave Company give the same impact as a wine barrel, but with a unique flavor profile. Finally, the blend is aged in grand old bourbon barrels from distilleries such as Heaven Hill and Four Roses. Some of these barrels are 13 years old and were once used to make the highest quality bourbon.

Bourbon is uniquely American. It is derived from indigenous corn and aged in native, locally made American Oak barrels that have been toasted and charred to give bourbon its distinctive color and taste. This American whiskey became known as bourbon due to its association with the area of Kentucky known as Old Bourbon in the early 1800s.


Zinfandel found its way to the American east coast in the early 19th century, reaching California by 1852. By 1858, wine made from Zinfandel grapes was being celebrated for its exceptional quality. The grape was first exhibited at the California State Fair in 1858. From that point its popularity spread, especially across the north coast and into Mendocino County, eventually emerging as a primary grape variety for the area.

Wine Specs:

Harvest brix: 25.1
Alcohol 15.2%
Acid : 0.59
pH: 3.69
Residual sugar: 0.6%
Zinfandel: 85.0%
Petite Sirah: 13.0%
Syrah: 2.0%
Batch 001 cases: 5000


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