Sample Menu


Ceviche Mixto ** $17
Raw Grouper, squid, scallop, octopus and shrimp marinated in lime juice

Tiradito al Rocoto** $16
Raw thin slices of Grouper. Rocoto Leche de Tigre | Boiled corn

Huancaína $10
Warm potatoes. Ají amarillo cheese sauce | Hard-boiled egg. Olives


Chupe de Camarones ** $10
Shrimp chowder. Lima beans, Peruvian corn and Huacatay. Fried egg

Aguadito de Pollo $7
Cilantro rice chicken soup


Bistec a la Chorrillana **$26
Grilled skirt steak. Sautéed onions and tomatoes | Tacu tacu. Sweet Plantains. Fried egg

New York Strip y Tallarín Verde ** $26
Grilled Angus New York Strip | Spaghetti with Peruvian style Pesto

Seco de Cordero $22
Braised lamb shank. Cilantro ají panca sauce | Rice and beans. Salsa Criolla

Lomo Saltado** $19
Top sirloin, onion and tomato stir-fry | White rice and hand-cut French Fries

Pisco 100 Acholado

Pisco. Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur. Fresh Lime Juice. Ginger Ale. Angostura bitters | Flavors Available

Pisco. Saint Germain. Lime Juice. Cucumber Purée. Mint. Simple Syrup. Soda

Pisco. Passion Fruit. Aperol. Rosemary. Honey. Lemon Juice. Ginger ale

Pisco. Punt E Mes Vermouth. Orange Peel. Angostura Bitters