When grown with care in the right climate and soil, Pinot Grigio transforms itself into a delicate, crisp and vibrant wine. Harvested by hand from vineyards at the base of the Dolomite mountains where cool Alpine air lengthens the ripening season, fully developing aromas and preserving acidity. Fermentation occurs at controlled temperatures in stainless steel. The finished wine is bottled after 4-6 months in tank.

Pairs With: Pasta Primavera, Prosciutto

Pasta Primavera

Pasta primavera is a dish that consists of pasta and fresh vegetables.

Pairs With: 90 + Cellars Lot 42 Pinot Grigio 750ml


Italian ham cured by drying and typically served in very thin slices.

Pairs With: 90 + Cellars Lot 42 Pinot Grigio 750ml, Ruinart Brut Rose 750ml, Plantaze Barrique Vranac 2018 750ml, Dario Princic Venezia Giulia Bianco 750ml – Organic

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