Hare à la Royale

Hare à la royale (also called lièvre à la royale or royal hare) is a traditional French culinary dish.[3][4] There are two interpretations of this dish that both have historic origins. One is a hare in a stew with garlic and shallots that includes red wine. The other includes meat stuffed with foie gras and truffles serves in slices and topped with red wine. Wikipedia “Game in general, and especially hare, is the kind of meat that pairs ideally with the Cornas wine made by Mr Voge.”

Rabbit Terrine

The terrine, as a cooking vessel, is a deep, rectangular, straight-sided dish – usually ceramic, glass or cast iron – with a tight-fitting lid. In traditional cooking, the terrine dish often would be made in the shape of an animal, usually depicting the contents of the terrine. The food is constructed in loaf-shaped layers of either meat or fish, and can sometimes actually contain vegetables which are served cold either in the terrine it was cooked in or sliced. The beauty of creating terrines are their ability to be anything from a simple, rustic affair of modest meats, through to elaborate haute-cuisine of game, foie gras, and truffles. The limitation is only in the imagination of the cook. Spruceats

Guinea Fowl

A large African game bird with slate-colored, white-spotted plumage and a loud call. It is sometimes domesticated.

Ostrich Filet

The filet is from the upper thigh of the Ostrich and is the most tender cut from the bird.

Sweet and Sour Rabbit

A dish made with Agrodolce, a sweet sour sauce that is believed to have originated in Sicily.